Three Aviform supplements to add to your dogs’ breakfast

Ad – this post features PR samples – all views are my own

My earliest memory of giving supplements to our pets is when I was about four or five years old, as my dad would give our GSD x Great Dane and GSD x Collie cod liver oil capsules with their meals in a bid to improve their bones and joints in their senior years. And I like to think that it contributed to their long and healthy lives to the ages of 15.

But it’s not just older dogs that benefit from supplements in their diet – in fact, Phoebe and Frank have tried various different dietary additions over the years, now aged six and four respectively.

Most recently, they’ve been enjoying a trio of Aviform supplements on their breakfast – including penta-biotics and coat conditioners – and one of them is brilliant if your dog is currently suffering from tummy troubles.

Aviform originally launched in 1977 selling avian products, and by 1990, were also making supplements for dogs and horses. They now run a 9,000 square foot production facility and warehouse in South Norfolk, catering to a range of beloved pets – cats and chickens included.

Here are the three products Phoebe and Frank have added to their diet recently:

Tummytonic Digestive Supplement for Dogs

I had never heard of penta-biotics, but it’s a triple whammy approach that adds, pre, pro and post-biotics to aid gut health and enhance immunity.

I’ve mentioned previously in blog posts that Phoebe was quite poorly when she was rescued, suffering with campylobacter, and probiotics really helped us keep this at bay after three antibiotics courses that lowered her immune system.

The digestive supplement settles sensitive tummies, helps with loose stools, wind and leads to smaller, less smelly poos – what more could a dog owner ask for?

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Benefits of adding this Aviform supplement to your dogs diet is that it removes toxins and bad bacteria while promoting good bacteria, working pretty quickly to fix poorly tummies when you double the dose. On an average day, Phoebe and Frank both have one scoop of Tummytonic each, but if one of them is feeling under the weather, it can be upped to 7g (two scoops).

The Tummytonic costs £14.95 and helps to improve overall health and vitality, activity levels and offers a shinier coat. It’s also said to help ‘regulate blood glucose levels in diabetic dogs’ and ‘moderate complications related to diabetes in dogs’ – though we can’t say this is something we’ve seen for ourselves.

Vitalcoat Dog Coat and Skin Conditioner

Made with salmon and borage oil, this £24.95 coat and skin conditioner is perfect for dogs who suffer with skin related issues, like Phoebe and Frank sometimes do.

Aviform said: “Containing essential fatty acids, vitamins and Borage oil, Vitalcoat offers more than twice the GLA content of Evening Primrose oil.

“Essential Fatty Acids are nutrients that cannot be produced in the body, therefore, they have to be supplemented within the diet. They are vital for the formation of new cells and to keep skin in excellent condition. GLA is normally formed from the breakdown of Essential Fatty Acids in the body, but if not enough GLA is made from Essential Fatty Acids within the diet, it will lead to the skin becoming dry, scaly, and itchy.”

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And when dog’s skin isn’t in tip top condition, it can lead scratching – causing redness and hair loss.

The product is made with more than 88% Scottish Salmon Oil from Atlantic Salmon reared in sea lochs and open water under strict welfare conditions. Not only that, but it’s a high concentrate formula, so not ‘bulked out’ with low-cost vegetable oils as with many other products.

For Phoebe and Frank’s weight, they only need two pumps of this oil per day, which can be added to their breakfast, or split over two meals. We’ve often found that salmon oil makes mealtimes more exciting for the Scamps, because they’re barking mad for anything a bit fishy.

Supplex Progen Dog Joint Supplement with Hydrolysed Collagen

I’ve always been keen to support joints in active dogs like Phoebe and Frank who do a lot of running or zoomies. This Supplex Progen contains Hydrolysed Collagen that can help maintain joint health, which preserves mobility and quality of life.

The powder costs £19.95 and works in a way where the Hydrolysed Collagen enters the blood stream, accumulates in the cartilage and other connective tissues to promote healthier joints.

It also contains Hyaluronic Acid – which beauty buffs may have heard of – which is an essential component of cartilage and synovial fluid, with Vitamin C contributing to collagen formation for cartilage function.

Phoebe and Frank have 5g each of this joint supplement, which keeps them happy, healthy, and able to run around like the loons they are.

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