Dogstrology: Does your dog match their Zodiac sign?

Is your dog a Capricorn or a Scorpio? Do they have the classic traits of their zodiac? Is Dogstrology even a thing?

I’ve always taken horoscopes and astrology with a pinch of salt – but I do find it super interesting. I recently bought ‘Dogstrology’ by astrologer and clairvoyant Luna Malcolm, to see what star sign the Scamps are, and if they have the personalities to match.

The tongue-in-cheek book explores personality traits, behaviour, your dog’s sense of humour, and which dog breed matches your zodiac sign. It’s illustrated with some gorgeous and hilarious pooches, and provides a bit of light, entertaining reading whilst you cuddle your dog on the sofa.

I wanted to explore Phoebe and Frank’s starsigns, so this post will be talking a little bit about Aries and Pisces pooches. If you’d like to read Dogstrology, you can find the book here.

“Courageous, determined, short-fused and the world’s biggest grump”

Our Aries lady, Phoebe, was born on April 13, 2015, and Dogstrology suggests that at her best, she is ‘courageous, determined, bold, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest and passionate’. Phoebe is certainly a big character who is very headstrong and independent. At her worst, she’s ‘impatient, short-fused, impulsive and the world’s biggest grump’. This couldn’t describe Phoebs any better – it’s really got her down to a tee.

“Compassionate, gentle, wise and overly trusting”

But what did Frank’s zodiac predict? Frank is a Pisces born on February 13, 2018, and at his best is described as ‘compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle and wise’. Wise – I’m not so sure about. Gentle and compassionate are 100% true, and if by ‘artistic’ you mean ‘leaves snoot marks on freshly cleaned windows’, I guess that’s right too! At his worst, Frank might be ‘overly trusting, sad, desires to escape reality and enjoys being a martyr’. From this list, only the overly trusting part is true with people he is familiar with!

The book features quirky traits, too – as though your dog was human. One section reads ‘what to know before inviting each sign to a party’, claiming Aries will damage the furniture and that Pisces will trap someone in an intense conversation for hours. Personally, this sounds like Phoebe and Frank have completely switched zodiacs like Freaky Friday. Frank is defo more likely to chew the sofa.

The trait that really made me giggle suggested that Aries ‘endlessly chases tail’, which is Phoebe’s party trick. Phoebe chases her tail when she gets over-excited, either after a really good fuss, or when she’s trying to get your attention because it’s dinner time. If Phoebe is chasing her little paint-dipped tail, it’s because she wants to tell you something imPAWtant. Frank’s Pisces trait is to ‘stare at reflections on the walls for hours’, which is actually also a trait Phoebe has, but not Frank.

So, what element represents each of the zodiac signs, and how does that effect traits?

Aries is a fire sign, which Dogstrology reveals may lead to issues with ‘impulsiveness and coming on too strong’, they’re also said to ‘liven up the dullest gatherings’. Phoebe does lack some manners with houseguests, and we do often tell her she’s ‘too much’ when giving people excessive kisses. Maybe Phoebe being a fire sign could explain why she’s such a sun worshipper! Phoebe loves the heat, whether it’s lounging in the sun, or snuggling next to the fire. In the book, the ‘signs as a weather phenomena’even has Phoebe down as a spring heatwave!

Pisces Frank is a water sign, which Luna says ‘will immerse you with love. Intuitive and sensitive, these signs make the sweetest friends’. Frank is certainly a sweet and sensitive boy with a lot of love to give. We’d love to get him swimming, but the big ‘fraidy cat won’t put a paw in the water just yet. Frank’s ‘weather phenomenon’ is a rainbow, which – whilst cute – doesn’t give too much away about his personality.

Each zodiac is one of three ‘modalities’ – which I’d never heard of. That said, those more into the stars might already know about. Phoebe is apparently a ‘cardinal’ sign, said to be self-aware and love to take the lead. Phoebe is top-dog in the pack, and is definitely a self-aware and independent dog, unlike Frank! Frank is a ‘mutable’ sign, believed to be a quick learner and flexible. Frank is definitely a dog who aims to please and will do anything for a treat (whilst drooling, of course).

One of the final sections of Dogstrology pairs dog breeds with your own Zodiac. So what breed would the stars say suit me, a Sagittarius? Apparently, a Beagle would be a good breed for me! Now I wish I was a Taurus baby for the British Bulldog!