Frozen yoghurt Piña Colada treats

There’s nothing better than a fresh, cold cocktail on a hot summers day, right? Whilst you’re sipping your piña colada – your dog can enjoy a tropical treat treat too! Save the rum, of course.

Frozen yoghurt treats are great for dogs during the summer. A bite sized snack can help cool them down when they’ve been playing in the garden. These ones are super easy to make because they only use three ingredients!

I love making the dogs treats that are similar to my own. So, I went for a piña colada inspired frozen yoghurt treat recipe.

I ordered these paw print moulds from Amazon, which makes 10 treats just over an inch wide.

piña colada treats ingredients

To make the frozen piña colada treats, you will need:

  • Fresh pinapple
  • Coconut oil
  • Greek Yoghurt

I brought lactose free greek yoghurt from Sainsbury’s. Greek yoghurt is the best for dogs, and whilst regular is fine, lactose free is even better. Yoghurt fed to your dogs should be as plain as possible, avoiding sweeteners. Greek yoghurt has lots of live cultures and probiotics, which we like to add to Phoebe and Frank’s food when they’re recovering from a poorly tummy.

I added around 250 grams of yoghurt to the blender, and added two fingers of fresh, chopped pineapple. I made sure to cut off any hard core, and check for outer skin. Pineapple is full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants – but should be fed in moderation.

piña colada treats in the moulds

Lastly, no piña colada would be complete without coconut, so I added three teaspoons of melted coconut oil to the blender. Coconut oil is said to help balance the thyroid, and help a chunkier pup lose weight. Other main benefits include a healthy skin and coat and improved digestion.

I pulsed this in the blender until it was almost smooth, with some pineapple chunks still visible. I poured the mixture into the moulds and popped them in the freezer for four hours. However, it’s likely best to make the mixture in the evening and freeze overnight ready for the following day.

There was still some of the piña colada mixture left in the blender, so I poured it over Phoebe and Frank’s Lickimats and let them enjoy it in the garden – though this could have also been frozen for an enriching, longer-lasting treat.

I took the frozen treats and popped them out of the mould the following morning. Because they’re silicon moulds, they pop out really easily and are easy to clean, too.

Having tasted one myself, I can see why Phoebe and Frank go crazy for them. They’re really soothing and creamy with the pineapple and coconut coming through. Here are the Scamps patiently waiting for their frozen piña colada treats.

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