Three Forthglade treats perfect for morning, noon and night

Is there anything more exciting than one of your favourite brands bringing out new products? As fans of Forthglade food, soft bites, training treats and their new dental sticks, could you imagine Phoebe and Frank’s delight at three new packs of Forthglade rewards?

Similar in design to their heart-shaped soft bites, their new treats come in three varieties, each with their own benefits. They’ve been designed with your dog’s daily routine in mind, perfect for starting and ending the day – and all those moments in between.

Dogs can now wake up with a wonderfully fragrant fresh breath treat, made with peppermint and parsley to tackle dog breath. There’s nothing wrong with following this up with a Forthglade dental stick, either, to really keep those gnashers in tip-top condition.

Gentle on stomachs, these all-natural leaf-shaped treats are grain free and completely free from artificial colours and preservatives, containing 30 per cent chicken meal with added dried sweet potato, linseed and yucca extract. 

Forthglade said: “We use only natural and wholesome ingredients, so our treats are bursting with goodness, packed full of flavour and sure to get tails wagging. Each recipe is lovingly created by our team of expert bakers in the UK.”

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Quick to learn a new routine, Phoebe and Frank cottoned on to their morning breath mint pretty quickly, and now wait patiently at the cupboard for them every morning. 

Throughout the day, your dog can enjoy the new Forthglade rewards. Made with chicken with liver, these treats are perfect for training or taking on those all-important walks. These are really high in protein with 34 per cent chicken, 30 per cent chicken meal and four per cent chicken liver, making them a great high-value reward – one which Forthglade say dogs will ‘find too good to refuse’.

These treats are easily distinguishable from the other two soft bite treats as they’re star shaped, with a score down the centre to easily break them in half for smaller dogs, or to make the bag go further.

At the end of the day before being tucked up in bed with a kiss, Phoebe and Frank enjoy one of the new Forthglade calming soft bites. These are made with a soothing blend of herbs which include camomile, lavender and lemon balm, perfect for easing into a sleepy slumber.

These turkey treats contain 15 per cent meat alongside valerian root, which helps improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety, as well as ginger, dried sweet potato and chickpea flour. These are ideal for offering when you sit down to pop Netflix on for the night, just before bed, or ahead of things like visitors popping round or heading in the car. 

All of the treats in this range are softer semi-moist training treats which can be easily broken in half creating smaller treats for puppies or better portion control. They’re suitable for dogs over eight weeks, so you can start using them the day you bring them home from the breeder or rescue centre, and get training from day dot.

Forthglade recommends treats playing a ‘small part’ in your dog’s balanced diet, and should make up part of their daily feeding guidelines. The brand added: “Whatever time of the day, we have a treat suitable for your dog. These new additions are designed to be fed little and often to help nourish the relationship between you and your dog, whatever the time of day.”

If you want to try these three bags of treats for yourself, they’re currently down from £6.49 to £5.99 for a bundle on the Forthglade website.