How Forthglade’s charity dog food is supporting Veterans’ mental health

Ever since my brother signed up to the army 13 years ago, I have always made an effort to donate money to charities that support the forces and those who have left the military. 

When I was 11, I launched a school-wide charity event to raise awareness and money for Help for Heroes, and went on to win an award at a public speaking competition discussing whether our armed forces should have been sent to Afghanistan – I was 12 at the time.

Throughout the years, supporting the forces has been a big part of my life, and now, one of my favourite pet brands is making it even easier to do so while keeping my dogs healthy.

Forthglade have given their Turkey Dinner a makeover as part of a partnership to support the Veterans with Dogs charity.

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The limited-edition pack, which launched in March, raises awareness of the charity’s work in training and providing assistance dogs to veterans suffering from mental health conditions such as PTSD. 

The brand has partnered with Veterans With Dogs since 2019 and over the last 12 months have contributed £15,000 to the care and training of two assistance dogs, Devon and Buddy.  This includes a years’ worth of food and care for the pups whilst they are trained into companions for Veterans who need them the most.

The grain free recipe features 75 per cent turkey, with sweet potato, vegetables and herbs such as carrots, peas and parsley.

The complete and balanced meal contains everything your dog needs to stay happy and healthy​, and is grain free, junk free, filler free and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, so ideal for sensitive tummies. 

Made in Devon, the recipe has been gently steamed to retain goodness and flavour, and is suitable for adult dogs over one year old.

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The pups this recipe supports are fox red Labrador, Devon, and yellow Labrador Buddy. These two future hero pups were carefully selected from their litters by the charity to embark on their journeys to become assistance dogs for Veterans in need. 

Forthglade said: “Both pups were taken to their new loving homes where they will live for the next 12 months. Their specially trained socialisers will raise them during their puppyhood, teaching them all the important things a pup needs to know.”

Craig MacLellan, founder of Veterans With Dogs, suffered the devastating effects of a mental health condition for many years following his time in the Forces but found huge support from his own assistance dog. 

He said: “We’re really excited that Forthglade has created this special pack for us to help support the charity, it means a great deal to us. Having their continued support helps us fund the training and placement of assistance dogs for veterans, and raise awareness of the significant impact that assistance dogs have on improving the lives of veterans suffering from mental health conditions, following their time in the Armed Forces.”

Forthglade chief executive, David Cox, added: “We hope the Veterans With Dogs limited-edition meal helps raise awareness of this important charity. Mental health and wellbeing can be so positively impacted by the companionship of a dog, and these hero dogs can truly transform a veteran’s life.”

The Veterans With Dogs limited edition meal is supplied in 395g trays and costs £1.59.