Sunday roast scraps dog treat recipe

This is the perfect treat recipe for Christmas dinner or a Sunday roast to help you reduce waste and keep your dog happy.

I used leftovers from a beef dinner to create these treats, but you can use any scraps from your roast. I set aside three strips of carrot, a piece of long stem broccoli and some off-cuts of beef, as well as the remainder of the gravy made from the beef fat.

To make these biscuits, all you’ll need to add to the above is 300g of wholemeal flour and one medium egg. Typically, I follow the same basic dough recipe each time, adding the flavoursome ingredients into the mix.

I weighed out me 300g of flour and added it to the electric mixer. I cracked in one medium egg, and put it on a very low setting whilst I used scissors to cut the Sunday roast scraps into the mixture. Then, instead of using warm water, I used the beef gravy to bring the mixture together until I was happy with the consistency. The smell of the dough was already driving the dogs crazy, so I knew they were going to be a hit.

I rolled the dough out on a floured surface before cutting the biscuits into bone shapes. I used a small and a large cutter to make varying sizes – one as bite-sized training treats, and the other as more of a special treat. The gravy made the dough a little sticky, so be sure to have plenty of flour to hand for your rolling pin and surface.

I popped them in the oven for around 30 minutes on gas mark four. They smelled just like a Sunday roast cooking in the oven. Phoebe and Frank waited not-too-patiently for them to cool after they were removed from the oven. It’s safe to say they didn’t touch the sides when they got their paws on them.

Due to these ingredients having been cooked, they’ll only last two or three days in a sealed container. Because of this, I only used half of my dough, and froze the second half to use in a weeks’ time.

With the remaining gravy, it seemed a shame to let it go to waste, so I used silicone moulds to freeze the gravy for a yummy cooling treat on a hot day for the pooches.