Hounds Chew Box: Christmas Edition

I love how the Hounds Chew Box is always put together with the season in mind, from pumpkin treats in October, to December’s festive favourites.

And this month, your pup could get their paws on £9.60 worth of treats for £7.65 to keep them busy during Christmas dinner, or entertain them on Boxing Day.

For those of you who are new here – the Hounds Chew Box is a monthly subscription box filled with natural treats and chews. And in December, they make the perfect present for your own pets, or for their friends.

They usually cost £8.49, or £8.07 when you subscribe, and the contents are always worth more. What’s inside is always a surprise, and they’re a great way to discover new brands and products you may not have purchased from the shop previously. But, friend of Lady & The Scamps can bag themselves 10% off at the checkout, making the box just £7.65 when you enter the code SCAMPS. 

We’ve previously reviewed several of the boxes here:

So what’s inside the December chew box?

Inside this month chew box are the wonderfully festive Denzel’s Christmas lunch bites, which Phoebe and Frank have already sampled this year, and they’re a firm favourite. Good girls and best-behaved boys are likely to find a packet of these tasty treats in their stockings this year – and if they’re really lucky, they might be treated to their three foot long giant tube of treats, featuring 15 packets of the festive bites.

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Also in the box is the Soopa cranberry and sweet potato dental sticks. Usually priced at £4, these make up nearly half the total of the whole box alone, and we imagine they’ll come in really handy to keep curious hounds out of the kitchen during turkey-prep.

These vegan treats are hypoallergenic grain free made using natural human grade ingredients. They can help clean teeth and improve breath, because no-one wants a dog-breath snog under the mistletoe, do they? I love that they cranberry and sweet potato sticks feel festive, but are also available in store year-round. They’re packed with anti-oxidants, fibre and Vitamin C, with added flaxseed offering sensational superfood support in digestion.

Is it really Christmas if you haven’t had a chocolate coin (as much an insult to real chocolate that they are)? Well, your dog’s Christmas won’t be complete without the pet friendly alternative – JR’s meaty coins. And the December Chew Box sees not one, but two duck coins, meaning Phoebe and Frank won’t need to share.

And instead of encouraging unwanted begging behaviour, leave your turkey on the plate while your dogs enjoy one of the two JR turkey sticks included in the box. The 100% meat treat is a responsibly sourced single protein treat, which is perfect for dogs with allergies. These can also easily be broken up into bite sized treats for them to enjoy throughout the day.

Want to get your paws on the December chew box? Don’t forget to bag your discount with the code SCAMPS at the checkout.